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Orders are being taken now for ATGA Certified inoculated seedlings for 2019 planting

Australian truffle inoculation nursery and Truffière.

We grow and supply trees that have been inoculated with truffle fungi and can provide advice on all aspects of establishing a complete Truffière of any size. We produce our trees under a strict quality assurance regime, and confirm healthy colonisation of every tree before sale.

Whether you are considering becoming a commercial grower, or you are just a truffle enthusiast wanting to plant a few trees in a home orchard, we can help you.

Growing truffles is an exciting, newly developing industry with enormous potential both for the domestic market and export potential.
(see what are truffles?)


The ATGA (Australian Truffle Growers Association) now has an independant certification scheme for truffle colonised seedlings. Certification is available for all outgoing batches of trees from our nursery in Victoria, Australia. {further information on our sales page}

Hazelnut Production

As well as inoculating truffle onto a variety of trees such as Oaks, Hazels and Pines, we also produce commercial hazelnut trees.

For further information about hazelnut production, see our sister site, http://www.hazelnuts.com.au/


Our truffle tree nursery is situated at Gembrook on the outskirts of the Victoria's Yarra Valley and we can ship trees anywhere in Australia.

We also have a standard truffiére at the same site, with an additional number of experimental plantings using different tree species, spacing and pruning.


Free agronomy advice to new customers and on-going, extensive support is available for existing customers.