Grower Seminars

Cultivating truffles successfully requires a level of understanding and the internet is full of truffle articles (some quite old). Much of this has been superseded with new up-to-date information based on current trial work and success. This is now available through an educationally based grower seminar that we have developed. It is now delivered by two methods:

These are a one-day seminar /workshop conducted jointly by Colin Carter (Trufficulture) and Noel Fitzpatrick (Truffle growing). These are held at various locations in Victoria and NSW (near the ACT). The registration cost is $198 per person.
See this link for more details and to register.

We have put together an extensive four-part video seminar series available now for online viewing. The seminar series contains interviews, comments and experience from no less than nine industry experts in the fields of truffle tree planting, irrigation and moisture monitoring, production, harvesting with dogs and marketing. The cost for the four episodes is $198. This allows viewing access over three days. Farm customers that plant 300 trees will be granted reviewing access (free) at a follow up date.

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Below is a summary of topics covered in each episode:

Episode 1. Understanding Truffles

  • What are truffles?
  • History of Truffles
  • Essential conditions for truffles
  • Truffle types & host trees
  • Quality assurance - certification
  • Truffle life cycle
  • Potential truffle returns

Episode 2. Truffière Establishment

  • Sequence of steps involved
  • Site selection
  • Truffle ready soil test
  • Design layout
  • Ordering trees
  • Certification

Episode 3. Truffière Management

  • Follows establishment (from the 4th year after planting)
  • Biosecurity measures
  • Grass and weed control (mowing vs weed mats vs chemicals)
  • Soil testing follow up
  • Pruning
  • Pests and disease control
  • Cultivation & Spanish wells
  • Renovation of old orchards (non productive)
  • Irrigation & moisture monitoring

Episode 4. Harvesting & Marketing

  • Harvesting
  • Post harvest
  • Cleaning & grading
  • Disease Risks
  • Storage and maintaining cool chain
  • Packaging & labelling
  • Preservation
  • Uses in cooking and products
  • Marketing - local & export
  • Co-op vs Wholesalers


This is a one day comprehensive seminar conducted by industry professionals, Colin Carter and Noel Fitzpatrick.
Colin runs his family’s nursery business Trufficulture Pty Ltd (Truffle Tree production) and subsidiary Hazelnut Nursery Propagators in Gembrook, Victoria along with Trufficulture's young, productive truffiére.
Noel operates a truffiére in Gippsland, Victoria and is a full time truffle farm consultant.
Both Colin and Noel have many years’ experience in truffle growing & education and have completed several truffle study tours to Europe.

The seminars runs from 10.00am through to 2.30pm after which there is generally a farm walk on a truffiére or hazelnut grove. Participants should arrive at 9.45am for a 10am start and the day usually finishes at 4.00pm. A light lunch and morning tea is provided.
Topics covered include understanding the truffle life cycle (both crops), climate & soil, plantation establishment, quality assurance and tree certification, ongoing maintenance, harvesting & grading, marketing and industry overviews. Also covered is the concept of growing both crops together in a synchronized plantation.