Hazelnut Nursery Propagators

Did you know that Australia imports about 2000 tonnes of hazelnuts a year, worth around $10 million dollars? However, there are currently less than 75 hectares of trees planted commercially.

Based on a yield of approximately 2500 kilograms a hectare, Australia would require about half a million trees, or 800 hectares planted, just to replace import levels. This is before considering the export potential from our disease free environment.


The Planting, Growing & Cultivation of Hazelnut Trees in Australia

Hazelnuts are deciduous, requiring a cool winter to provide sufficient chill to break the dormancy of the flowering and vegetative buds. This crop is best suited to the cooler, southern parts of Australia and the ranges, where summers are not excessively hot.

An average annual rainfall of over 900mm is desirable, with supplementary irrigation available to overcome moisture deficits in the years of below average rainfall. In the winter and early spring, the female flowers tolerate temperatures down to -9 Celsius.

In Australia, frost has not been noted as a problem, even where there are late, heavy spring frosts.

Potential production areas are the cool and high rainfall areas of NSW, Victoria, Tasmania, and certain areas of S.A. and W.A.