Perfect for a small garden or as a starter for something larger the Backyarders Pack consists of 4 commercial varieties of hazelnut trees. These varieties have the most recent genetics available to growers in Australia and as such are far superior to others. These 4 are all compatible with each other so will all produce nuts.
The 4 varieties in the pack are:
• ENNIS: Main producer. High yielding variety with jumbo size nuts and the preferred variety for all markets. Flowers over a 12 week period.
• BUTLER: Early polliniser for Ennis. Also produces large to jumbo nuts.
• CASINA: Mid-season polliniser for Ennis. Produces a small nut and is used in the confectionary industry.
• JEMTEGAARD #5 (J5): Late-season polliniser for Ennis. Produces a large nut, however low yielding.

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