Out of stock – available Winter 2024

Perfect for a small garden or as a starter for something larger the Home Gardeners Pack consists of 10 hazelnut trees. All 10 are commercial varieties, 7 of which are the main producer, plus 1 of each of the 3 polliniser varieties. These varieties have the most recent genetics available to growers in Australia and as such are far superior to others. They are all compatible with each other so will all produce nuts.

The 4 varieties in the pack are:

  • 7 x ENNIS: Main producer. High yielding variety with jumbo size nuts and the preferred variety for all markets. Flowers over a 12 week period
  • 1 x BUTLER: Early polliniser for Ennis. Also produces large to jumbo nuts
  • 1 x CASINA: Mid-season polliniser for Ennis. Produces a small nut and is used in the confectionary industry
  • 1 x JEMTEGAARD #5 (J5): Late-season polliniser for Ennis. Produces a large nut, however low yielding

Please note – these hazelnut trees are not inoculated with truffle

Out of stock