Truffle-Ready Soil Test

A soil test is essential to determine how to improve any soil, but many soil testing services available do not focus on aspects known to be critical for truffle culture.

We recommend the Agri-Link "Truffle-Ready Soil Test", which incorporates the results of the latest research related to growing truffles.

Not only does this provide an accurate measure of things like available nutrients, pH, Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC), and organic matter levels, but it includes detailed recommendations for improving the soil and managing the Truffle/Tree partnership. The developer of the Truffle-Ready soil test (Peter Brown) has many years of experience as a soil biologist and agronomist. His expertise on the soil requirements for the symbiosis between tree and truffle is widely recognised.

NB. Agri-Link is an independent soil analysis and advisory service not owned or operated by Trufficulture Pty Ltd.

For more information about the Agri-Link Truffle-Ready Soil Test and how to collect soil samples for testing, please use the form below and your details will be automatically forwarded to Peter Brown of Agri-Link.

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